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Max Kissler

Who I am

Born in Berlin in 1988, I developed an interest in photography at an early age, which developed into a career after graduating from Lette Verein in 2015. In 2022 I aquired a Bachelor's degree in business communication. I'm very interested in people and technology. Dealing with interpersonal connections and getting to know different realities of life fascinates me. I'm also enthusiastic about new technological developments as well as the achievements of past decades. The medium of film, whether in photography or moving images, has an influence on my creative work and is occasionally used in current projects alongside new digital technology. This synergy between different media of old and new inspires my creative nature and helps me tell exciting visual stories.

Max Kissler black & white portrait



The Website Hero Video

A Website Hero Video refers to a prominent and visually compelling video placed in a prominent position on a website's homepage. This video is typically located in a banner or hero section, taking a central and prominent role in the website's design. The purpose of a Website Hero Video is to immediately capture the attention of visitors and provide a dynamic, engaging introduction to the content or message of the website.

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Interviews /
Corporate Videos

A corporate video is a type of visual medium created for a business, organization, or corporation to promote, inform, or communicate with a specific audience. These videos are tailored to serve corporate purposes and can vary widely in content, style, and objectives. Corporate videos are often used for internal communication, training, marketing, branding, and public relations.

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Music Videos

Music videos are important for their ability to visually enhance the musical experience, provide a platform for artistic expression, contribute to branding and promotion, tell compelling stories, and engage audiences on a global scale. They play a multifaceted role in the modern music industry, offering artists a dynamic means of connecting with their fans and leaving a lasting impact on the cultural landscape.

If you are an emerging artist and would like to cooperate, feel free to contact me.




Individual /
Artist Portraits

High-quality portraits convey professionalism and dedication to craft. They present the artist or person as a serious and committed professional, influencing how they are being perceived by industry peers, collaborators, and the general public.

A memorable portrait increases the chances of being remembered. It becomes an iconic image that can be associated with a person's work and overall career.

For people who appreciate the visual arts alongside their main craft, a portrait offers a canvas for artistic expression - it provides a way to collaborate and create images that reflect your own creativity and vision.

Andreas Schulz doing a handstand in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
Andreas Schulz PortraitNorman Dauskardt / ABD AnwälteTobias Bystry / ABD AnwälteJunges Ensemble Conductor

Business Portraits / Employee Portraits

Polished and professional portraits play a crucial role in shaping a cohesive company image, fortifying brand representation. The consistency in style not only amplifies visual appeal but also cultivates a favorable initial impression among clients, partners, and prospective employees. This, in turn, positively impacts employee engagement, nurturing a sense of pride and value within the workforce.

The versatility of these portraits extends to their use across various platforms, seamlessly promoting a unified and professional company culture. A coordinated look, tailored to align with brand guidelines and preferences, adds a personalized touch to each portrait, yet reinforcing a cohesive visual identity.

In essence, investing in professional employee portraits goes beyond mere imagery - it contributes significantly to fostering a positive workplace image and fortifying your company's overall visual identity.

Member of Factory Berlin Coworking SpacesMember of Factory Berlin Coworking SpacesMember of Factory Berlin Coworking SpacesMember of Factory Berlin Coworking Spaces


Professional architecture photography excels in highlighting intricate details, craftsmanship, and design elements, effectively communicating a sense of quality and precision.

This form of visual storytelling offers a comprehensive view of the building or structure, providing insights into its surroundings and context. This contextual understanding can contribute to a heightened appreciation of the object's location and environment, thereby influencing its perceived status.

A skillfully crafted architectural photograph goes beyond the visual, tapping into the realm of emotions and that resonates with viewers. This emotional connection fosters a positive association with the object, leaving a lasting impression and increasing its memorability and perceived value in the eyes of stakeholders or potential buyers.

Philharmonie Berlin in the evening
Shadows on Philharmonie Berlin in the eveningPhilharmonie Berlin during daytimePhilharmonie Berlin during daytimePhilharmonie Berlin during daytime
An aerial view of Invalidenstr Berlin MitteFront of Invalidenstr 30 BerlinGround floor of Invalidenstr 30 BerlinStaircase at ground floor of Invalidenstr 30 BerlinStaircase at ground floor of Invalidenstr 30 BerlinFirst floor of Invalidenstr 30 Berlin


High-quality visuals play a crucial role in creating a positive first impression, instantly grabbing the attention of potential buyers and cultivating a sense of desirability for the property. In today's digital age, where the majority of homebuyers initiate their search online, professional real estate photography becomes paramount in enhancing a property's virtual presence. Through well-lit and expertly composed photographs, the unique features of the property are showcased in the best possible light, fostering an emotional connection with prospective buyers.

This professional approach extends beyond aesthetics, contributing to the perceived value of the property. Eye-catching images not only generate heightened interest but also encourage prolonged engagement with the listing, increasing the likelihood that potential buyers seriously consider the property.

In a competitive market, properties featuring professional photography often stand out, drawing more attention and interest compared to listings with generic or lower-quality visuals. The impact of high-quality images can evoke emotions that help potential buyers envision the lifestyle associated with the property. This emotional connection, in turn, can drive a willingness to pay a higher price.

Moreover, the benefits extend to the efficiency of the sales process. Properties showcased with professional photography tend to sell faster, resulting in a quicker turnaround time.

Interieur Shot of a kitchen in the first floorInterieur Shot of a room in the first floorInterieur Shot of a kitchen on the ground floorInterieur Shot of a room on the ground floorInterieur Shot of a barhroomInterieur Shot of a kitchen in the first floor

Architecture Stocktaking / Construction Progress Documentation

Construction documentation can serve as a visual record for project managers to track and manage the progress of various construction phases. It helps ensure that the project stays on schedule and within budget. Visual documentation also provides a clear and concise means of communication among project stakeholders, including architects, engineers, contractors, and clients. It facilitates effective communication of project milestones, challenges, and achievements.

A documentation also creates a historical record of a project's evolution. It can be valuable for future reference, maintenance, renovations, or for showcasing the construction process in marketing materials. Regularly sharing documented progress with clients keeps them informed about the status of their investment. Visual updates help clients understand a project's development and can contribute to feeling more engaged in the construction process.

Work in progress of a building in Berlin Friedrichstr - ground floorWork in progress of a building in Berlin Friedrichstr - entrence areaWork in progress of a building in Berlin Friedrichstr - upper floorWork in progress of a building in Berlin Friedrichstr - hole in a wallWork in progress of a building in Berlin Friedrichstr - yardWork in progress of a building in Berlin Friedrichstr - hallway upper floor

Aerial Photography

Advancements in technology, particularly the widespread use of unmanned aerial systems, commenly referred to as drones have made aerial photography more accessible and affordable than ever before. Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras allow for flexible and precise aerial imaging in various applications. My extensive experience as a long-time professional drone operator significantly enhances the quality of the aerial photography services I provide.

Aerial view of Obermeierweg 18 Berlin SpandauAerial view of Obermeierweg 18 Berlin SpandauAerial view of Obermeierweg 18 Berlin SpandauAerial view of Obermeierweg 18 Berlin Spandau

BTS / Noncomissioned Work

Still not convinced? Maybe take a look at some of my personal projects or at behind the scenes photos.

look at my non-commercial work
Max Kissler as a steadicam operator in Berlin Kreuzberg behind the scenesMax Kissler as a steadicam operator in Berlin Kreuzberg behind the scenes


Quoting a price as a creative professional without knowing specific details about a project can be challenging for several reasons:

Project Scope:
The scope of a project greatly influences the amount of work required. Without details on the size, complexity, and specific needs of the project, it's difficult to estimate the time and resources that will be invested.

Technical Requirements: The equipment and technical expertise needed for a project can vary. High-end cameras, specialized lighting, and post-production resources all impact costs. Knowing the technical specifications required is crucial for an accurate quote.

Location and Logistics:
The shooting location, travel requirements, and logistical considerations contribute to the overall effort and cost. Understanding these factors helps in providing a realistic estimate.

Post-Production Needs:
Editing, color grading, sound design, and other post-production aspects are integral to the final product. The complexity of these tasks depends on the project's requirements.

The turnaround time for a project can affect pricing. Rushed projects may require additional resources or adjustments to the creative process, influencing the overall cost.

Revisions and Changes:
The number of revisions and changes anticipated by the client can impact the pricing structure. A clearer understanding of potential revisions helps in establishing a fair quote.

Licensing and Usage: Determining how the final product will be used and whether there are any licensing considerations is crucial. Usage rights, distribution, and intended audience can all influence pricing.

Given the diverse nature of creative projects, obtaining a comprehensive understanding of these factors allows a creative professional to tailor their services and provide a more accurate and fair quote. This collaborative approach helps align client expectations with the creative vision and ensures a successful and satisfactory outcome for both parties.

Below are some examples of a few projects from 2022 & 2023.

Special offers for ad agencies, startups and craftspeople possible

Example 1

Six team photos for a small business including equipment rent, image selection, color correction and licensing - around 1000€

Example 2

Ten aerial photos of one object for a project development company including equipment rent, image selection, color correction and licensing - around 1200€

Example 3

One day shoot of a website hero video including equipment rent, one day of postproduction (edit / colorgrading) and licensing - around 3400€

Example 4

Budget for a 2.5min educational video including b-cam operator, travel costs, equipment rent, one day of postproduction (edit / colorgrading / soundmixing) and licensing - around 4700€

Example 5

Budget for a two day shoot of a corporate video including b-cam operator, assistant, equipment rent, one day of postproduction (edit / colorgrading) and licensing - around 7000€

Example 6

Three online marketing videos including b-cam operator, soundperson, equipment rent, one day of postproduction (edit / colorgrading) and licensing - around 8200€


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