Here is something about me:
-I was born in Berlin in 1988.
-Over a decade ago I had to serve in the army - where I aquired my first camera and my passion for photography.
-I like travelling a lot (does anybody not like travelling?!).
-I studied at Lette-Verein, where I spent some of the best time in my life and graduated in 2015.
-I'm a gear nut, old cameras, new computer components, better drones and audio and video equipment - I love to own the stuff that inspires me to do better work creatively.
-I currently live in Berlin.

What I do:
-Editing & Colourgrading
-I fly UAS (drones)
-I do CGI - either as compositings or fully computer generated
-I know how to do fine art printing (analoque b&w printing and digital inkjet printing)
-I know how to layout stuff in Indesign though I prefer not to
-I shoot and develop analoque b&w film, mostly for fun

If I had to define myself professionally, I'd say I'm a huge image geek. :)


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